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Our Vision: Our vision is to provide complete quality services for all clients at all levels, while allowing the clients to remain focused on there core business.

Our Motto: "Meeting corporate needs with quality professional services"

Our Strength: Our strength lies in our excellent team of highly competent professionals. Their in-depth knowledge and high degree of commitment help raise performance standards.

  • To foster innovation by encouraging the free flow of ideas.
  • To reduce delivery times and improve startup productivity of new project team members.
  • To reduce the cost of knowledge acquisition and retention through powerful collaboration and search tools.
  • To leverage on reusable components to save on time and costs.
  • To streamline operations and reduce costs by eliminating redundant or unnecessary processes.
  • To bring about efficient management of information for better and faster decision-making.
  • To improve customer service through shorter turnaround time, reduced costs, and better profitability.
  • To enhance employee retention rates by recognizing the value of employees knowledge and rewarding them for it.
  • To improve overall efficiency, increase productivity, and increase revenues through faster time-to-market for our solutions and services.
  • To provide a healthy work environment to our employees and foster a culture of professionalism and excellence.

At Lucid Technologies, Inc, we believe in "knowing what we know and profiting from it". We circulate our energies in generating value from our intellectual and knowledge-based assets. Our Knowledge Management focuses on achieving sustained individual and business performance through the synergy of people, processes, and technology, and by ongoing learning, unlearning and adaptation.

Lucid Technologies, Inc strives to create a learning organization that adapts to changing business scenarios, adopts best-in-class practices and provides world class solutions to its customers. Towards meeting this objective, we have institutionalized a number of forums based on learning, sharing and collaboration. We also conduct a host of activities on an ongoing basis, to capture and manage the "tacit" knowledge of the organization at different levels.