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Data Scientist
Role/Title: -  Data Scientist
Hybrid, Indianapolis , Indiana
Agency Interview Type: Webcam only

• The resource will have the option to work a hybrid schedule but will be required to be onsite at least 3 days a week. Please confirm the resource is understanding of this requirement.
• Only local candidates will be considered for this position. Please provide the city and state where the resource currently resides.

General Description
Works with agency partners and outside stakeholders to gather and analyze data regarding a variety of issues and topics in order to develop data driven solutions to difficult business challenges.

Job Description
Create, maintain, and revise metric reports used for IOT transparency.  Monitor and troubleshoot data sets as needed.

The Data Scientist position will work with agency partners and outside stakeholders to gather and analyze data regarding a variety of issues and topics in order to develop data driven solutions to difficult business challenges.

- Represent IOT in meetings and other events with technical and non-technical agency stakeholders to understand, analyze, and make recommendations regarding the customer's data transparency needs.
- Gather data, experiment, and develop automation processes to improve the agency customer experience.
- Use customer-based feedback and best practices to design, develop, and implement dashboards and other visual materials to support customer billing and data transparency.
- Present IOT recommendations and products to stakeholders and customers at all levels.
- Create, maintain, and revise metric reports and key performance indicators associated with the business area to inform IOT chief executives.
- Be technically and quantitatively proficient, while also capable of delivering qualitative strategic advice and recommendation to senior leaders.
- Create, review, update, and enhance IOT's Data Driven Decision Portal (D3P) and will provide updates on this resource to agency and customer stakeholders.
- Become a subject matter expert in practices and processes associated with current IOT data collection, retention, and dissemination.

•Knowledge using statistical computer languages (R, Python, SLQ, etc.) to manipulate and draw insights from large data sets
•Strong problem-solving skills with an emphasis on data driven solutions
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams
•Knowledge of project management principles
•Ability to analyze policies and procedures and be able to recommend improvements
•Ability to work independently, anticipate problems and initiate corrective actions
•Ability to effectively prioritize a variety of projects and functions
•Ability to research and document findings
•Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships

Work is broad in scope involving complex program elements, which require critical and analytical abilities.  Employee receives a general outline of work and is expected to develop own methods.  Work is diversified and involves multiple unrelated steps.  Analytical thought is required to deal with complex data and situations.  Employee exercises considerable independent judgment in formulating solutions, and in interpreting large data sets.

Employee is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large data sets to be used in identifying issues and developing corresponding solutions. Employee is also responsible for the development of data modeling solutions provided to agency partners and stakeholders as well as continued monitoring of the effectiveness of the modeling solutions and assurance that they meet customer requirements.

Internal, statewide contacts such as agency heads, directors and managers are for the purpose of planning, directing, managing, gathering information, problem solving, team building, influencing, motivating, presentation of recommendations, negotiating and implementation of programs.

Skills Matrix
Experience with the Microsoft Power BI Desktop/Service Required 2 Years
Proficiency in designing data models that underpin reports and dashboards. Required 2 Years
Experience with DAX, a formula language used in Power BI for calculations and data manipulation. Required 2 Years
Skills in transforming raw data into a format suitable for analysis. Required 2 Years
Experience in creating visually compelling and informative reports and dashboards. Required 2 Years
Knowledge of connecting to various data sources, such as databases, cloud services, and APIs. Desired 
Familiarity with SQL for querying databases. Desired 
An ability to work with data, including data cleansing and transformation. Desired 
The capacity to extract insights and trends from data. Desired 
Translating data insights into understandable narratives for non-technical stakeholders. Desired 
Experience with Microsoft Power BI external related tools Nice to have

Thanks & Regards,
Manala Priyanka
US IT Recruiter
Lucid Technologies Inc
Email: priyanka.m@lucidtechinc.com
W: www.LucidTechINC.com