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Partner: Lucid as an Off-Shore Partner: ROI, Time Effective, High-Value, Professionalism.

  • Our on shore technical teams can meet you and establish an excellent relationship which in turn helps us to communicate well with our offshore development offices to make sure that our offshore development team fully understands our client's needs and quality demands.
  • We blend all latest technologies and well trained technical resources, highly qualified management team behind every execution.
  • Offer exceptional communication equipment and facilities which can allow us to monitor everyday progress.
  • Offer exceptional language ability.
  • Experience and references.

Developer: Lucid as an Off-Shore developer can deliver following projects with lot of confidence

  • Platform projects - porting from DOS, Windows.x/NT/2000, UNIX, etc.
  • Application Conversions
  • Database Conversions
  • Integration of legacy or enterprise systems to client/server
  • Web development, design, programming, etc.
  • E-commerce projects
  • Components like ActiveX, OOP, OOD, Reports and Modules
  • Documentation, Producing of Windows Help Files, etc.
  • Testing

Profits: Lucid is committed to offer following profits ... Are you ready for them?

  • Significant cost savings to our clients.
  • Our offshore training / knowledge sharing programs can provide a cost effective temporary or full-time solution to avoid expensive new recruitment.
  • By outsourcing you are eliminating the process of hiring professional and investing for them in terms of office space / equipments / salaries, our experienced overseas professionals can contribute significant research and technical knowledge to your organization as well.
  • Our overseas teams have the same skill sets and academic background as our consultants in the United States.
  • Most of the design / documentation works are more commonly practiced at our onsite teams that eliminate the gap between the client expectation and final product.
  • Our off-shore development programmers and technical professionals for short and long term projects will be a cost-effective necessity for every corporation in today's dynamic market.