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GIMS Application Support Supervisor
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Role/Title: - GIMS Application Support Supervisor
Hybrid, Atlanta , Georgia
Agency Interview Type: Either Web Cam or In Person

General Description
Supervises a team of IT professionals that define, develop, and maintain information systems within the organization. Reports to IT Manager.

Job Description
This Tier-II support Application Support Supervisor position is situated within the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire (OCI) in the State of Georgia and is intended to provide technical assistance to the Georgia Insurance Management System (GIMS), a brand new one-stop site providing easier functionality for name approvals, staff adjusters, premium tax reconciliation, auditing responsibilities, and credit calculations.

Attending In-Person Application Training: 
Prior to beginning the role in Tier-II Application Support Supervisor position the incumbent will be required to attend in-person application training where they will be oriented with the application and have an opportunity to learn the application that they will be supporting.  

Read and Understand Provided Application Documentation: 
Application documents will be provided to use as reference while providing technical assistance to end users.

Research and Attempt to Resolve Tier-I GIMS Issues: 
While the Tier-I support team will handle most typical workflow related questions, the Tier-II support team will be required to support any issues where users are experiencing unique challenges from going through all the steps accurately and yet not able to complete their assigned tasks. 
These will most commonly arise from a phone call but in certain cases, the issues may be reported via email.  In some cases, the Tier-II support team will work collaboratively with the Tier-I team to resolve the issue, and on other occasions, the Tier-II team may be required to work directly with the end user.
This position will be responsible to assign the issue tickets, prioritize them, ensure the tickets are attended to in a timely manner and addressed, and manage all relevant communication with the users as well as the external stakeholders connected to the issue. The Supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that all team level tasks are actively managed, logged, tracked, monitored, and reported appropriately following the established practices and protocols established by OCI. 

IMPORTANT: Any issue that cannot be resolved within 20 minutes should be immediately forwarded to OCI IT staff.  

Assume ownership of Issue Log of all issues:
The Supervisor will be required to establish an issue log with the Tier-II support team to maintain a tracker of all support issues presented with the corresponding status as follows: 
• Date/Time of reporting.
• Issue ID.
• End-User name, company contact email and phone number.
• Issue title.
• Issue Details.
• Issues status.
• Assigned support staff.
• Date of resolution and final communication to end user.

Document and Communicate Unresolved Issues to OCI IT Staff: 
In the rare instance that the Tier-II GIMS App support team is not able to resolve an issue, the Supervisor will need to document the problem; the steps attempted towards resolution, and challenges faced, and send the information to the OCI IT team for further analysis. 

Qualifications: Minimum 5 years of similar working experience in information security, privacy, system/network administration and support, or application development AND training and experience necessary to independently provide technical support to computer users in an assigned office/geographic area.

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