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EDI Technical Architect
Role/Title: -  EDI Technical Architect
Hybrid, Indianapolis , Indiana
Agency Interview Type: Webcam only

Client prefers the selected candidate to work a hybrid schedule 3 days onsite. They are open to remote for qualified candidates. Please confirm if the resource is able to work a hybrid schedule.
Client is open to candidates that are willing to relocate to Indiana, if selected. Please provide the city and state the candidate currently resides and if they are willing to relocate if out of state.

General Description
Seeking an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Technical Architect.

Job Description
Architect is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the technical infrastructure and architecture that supports electronic data interchange within an organization. This role requires a deep understanding of EDI standards, protocols, and IT systems.  

The EDI Technical Architect is responsible for developing and maintaining the technical architecture that enables the seamless exchange of electronic data between the organization and its external partners. This role involves designing EDI solutions, overseeing their implementation, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and optimizing data exchange processes. The architect needs to work with three internal teams, IOT and VISIT vendor regarding EDI transactions.  

The Architect plays a critical role in ensuring the organization's EDI infrastructure is robust, secure, bringing standardization and aligned with business objectives. They enable efficient and reliable electronic data interchange, which is vital for business operations. 

Key Responsibilities: 

EDI Architecture Design: 
Design and architect the technical infrastructure that supports EDI systems, ensuring scalability, security, and high availability. 
Study current design and Develop EDI system integration strategies that align with the organization's business goals. 
EDI Standards and Compliance: 
Review current standards and update on EDI standards and regulations (e.g., ANSI X12, Hl7) and ensure compliance within the organization. 
Implement and maintain EDI compliance checks and validation processes. 
System Integration: 
Collaborate with IT teams to integrate EDI systems with existing enterprise applications (e.g., STARLims, NBS, ACAPS, VISIT systems). 
Study current and improve design and implement data mapping and transformation processes. 
EDI Software Selection: 
Evaluate, select, and recommend EDI software solutions and tools that align with the organization's needs. 
Manage relationships with EDI software vendors. 
EDI Security Improvements: 
Implement security measures to protect sensitive data transmitted through EDI channels. 
Ensure data encryption, authentication, and access control. 
Performance Optimization: 
Continuously monitor EDI system performance and optimize processes for efficiency. 
Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues. 
Documentation and Standards Development: 
Create and maintain technical documentation related to EDI architecture, configurations, and integration. 
Develop and enforce coding and data exchange standards. 
Testing and Quality Assurance: 
Coordinate testing efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of EDI transactions. 
Establish quality assurance processes for data validation. 
Project Management: 
Lead or participate in EDI-related projects, including system upgrades, migrations, and new implementations. 
Ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Skills Matrix
Extensive experience in EDI architecture design, implementation, and management Required 13 Years
Strong knowledge of EDI standards (e.g., ANSI X12, HL7) and protocols (e.g., AS2, SFTP, API) Required 13 Years
Proficiency in EDI software and tools Required 13 Years
Strong knowledge with Rhapsody and other industry EDI tools Required 13 Years
Experience in bringing Change Management with the staff is critical Required 13 Years
Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field Required 
Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills Required 
Strong communication and interpersonal skills Required 
Knowledge or Work experience with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Highly desired  
Project management experience Highly desired 
Working in Healthcare Highly desired 
Certification in relevant technologies and standards Highly desired

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