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DevOps Engineer
Job Title:  DevOps Engineer III
Location:  Charlotte, NC (remote) 

Resumes due: 3/4/24 EOD. Onsite in Charlotte for Hybrid model - onsite 3 days a week Cloud Platform Engineer: ** Extensive experience with AWS - IAM Capabilities; **Python – API development; ** SQL – Data Engineering (Dbt, airflow); **Must have excellent coding skills, self-starter who will take initiative, able to mentor and coach junior team members. ** Video conference interview with tech panel.

This role requires data and scripting experience across multiple relatively common languages (Python, SQL). Additionally, experience in AWS is critical as that is Ally’s primary cloud provider. Data engineering would also be a “nice to have” in exchange for extensive experience in other areas. Overall, the skills that are required should be relatively easy to find and backfill for.
• CRE Portal:
o Capability: The data served and distributed by the CRE team through the CRE portal is wholly dependent on the APIs and database that the Foresight team maintains.
o Loss impact: full collapse & rewrite of the CRE portal and its capabilities, many of which now support remediated Fed SIIs around patching, secrets management, and encryption.
Cloud Finops:
o Capability: the data and resources that the Foresight team collects supports Ally’s Finops capability which is responsible for driving efficiencies within Ally contributing to a lower ETO cost which direcly impact’s Ally’s bottom line.
o Loss impact: Full collapse of cost automations including per-application budgets, unit costs, and other anomaly detection capabilities
• Cloud Foundations:
o Capability: Foresight provides data and automation capabilities that empowers the Cloud Foundations team to operate at scale. Without this role
o Loss impact: Project timelines for fixing Federal Reserve findings and improving cloud team capabilities across the Ally cloud footprint will be greatly extended.
• Hosting team:
o Capability: cloud instance patching will soon run entirely through the Foresight team’s APIs and data products.
o Loss impact: cloud instances will degrade to their unpatched state without the core automations that the Foresight team provides
• Generative AI:
o Capability: the data and metadata about Ally’s cloud environment collected by Foresight is critical for providing timely information for natural language querying of Ally’s cloud data
o Loss impact: delayed implementation and adoption of generative AI capabilities within the cloud platform, reducing Ally’s exposure to cutting edge technologies and serving as a foundational contributor in the space.
• Observability:
o Capability: SRE teams use the API and data products provided by the Foresight team to detect and alert various situations within Ally’s cloud footprint
o Loss impact: lower MTTR for incidents that could directly impact Ally customers (ie, “who owns this instance that is broken?”)

Thanks & Regards,
Manala Priyanka
US IT Recruiter
Lucid Technologies Inc
Email: priyanka.m@lucidtechinc.com
W: www.LucidTechINC.com