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Tableau Server Admin Platform Expert

Role/Title: - Tableau Server Admin/Platform Expert
Boise , Idaho
Agency Interview Type: Webcam Only

This is a PART TIME position where hours could vary anywhere from 5-40+ on any given week based on the work to be done during that time frame. Candidate must be acceptable to the varied weekly hours AND able to work those hours during the client's normal Mountain Time Zone business hours (with rare exceptions when work must be done off-hours).
Candidates should not be planning to juggle this on top of another full time job requiring work during normal business hours. Please specify the expected work arrangement for your candidate if selected for this position (working full time in another role, working another role part time, working only this role, etc). If you do not answer this question or your answers are determined to be untrue during screening or after candidate is hired, the candidate will be disqualified/removed from the position.
Candidate must have a dedicated home office/workspace that is conducive to productive work. This includes a reliable high-speed internet connection and a personal Windows computer that meets the necessary hardware and software requirements (latest Windows OS and Virus software) to support the development environment. Candidate will supply their own hardware necessary to connect remotely through client's VPN. Confirm you've discussed this w/your candidate and they accept/meet these requirements.
Candidate will need to install Web ex on their personal computer to be able to connect to IDHW servers when they are required to be present for online meetings. Audio and visual are required (when requested). Please confirm you've discussed this with your candidate and the candidate accepts these requirements.
Remote candidates must be located within, and all work must be done within, the contiguous US and candidates must be able to work on the State of Idaho's Mountain Time Zone business hours. Please confirm you have discussed these requirements with the candidate and they accept the requirements.


 This is a PART-TIME role, where total weekly hours will vary widely week-to-week, based upon workload each week. Roughly 15 hours per week is being estimated as a general AVERAGE, though actual hours may be higher or lower depending on the tasks that need to occur during a certain timeframe. For instance, if client is doing a server upgrade, then it may be upwards of 40+ hours in a given week, but if it’s a light week it might be more like 5-10 hours. 

While hours will vary week to week, the hours worked are EXPECTED TO BE WORKED DURING THE CLIENT'S NORMAL MOUNTAIN-TIME BUSINESS HOURS. Exceptions to that would be upgrades or modifications to the production system, which will need to happen outside of business hours, but those will not be a common occurrence, probably only a few times a year, which means candidate in this role must be available to work the hours each week requires, during normal business hours.

As this requires a candidate's availability to vary but could potentially run into the 40+ hours on occasional weeks, candidates SHOULD NOT be trying to juggle this on top of another full-time job already. If it is determined this is the case, even after a candidate is in the role, the candidate will be removed from the position. An ideal situation is someone working in another flexible part-time role currently, who is able to supplement that with this position as well.

General Description
The primary objective of this service is to maintain current Tableau Server Dev, Qual, and Production environments in alignment with our processes, standards, and governance.
The primary objective of this service is to maintain current Tableau Server Dev, Qual, and Production environments in alignment with our processes, standards, and governance.

Job Description
The primary objective of this service is to maintain the current Tableau Server Dev, Qual, and Production environments in alignment with our processes, standards, and governance. This service must also provide primary administration, support, and knowledgebase for our enterprise implementation and assist ITSD leadership in collaboration with business stakeholders to plan and execute an ITSD center of excellence capable of proper ongoing development, delivery, as well as support for this platform. 
This Tableau Expert(s) must perform all four tiers of system administration and support tasks for our eight (8) core internally hosted Tableau instance and new role-based Tableau instance that includes: 1) Corrective Maintenance and Incident Management, 2) System Software Upgrades and Preventative Maintenance, 3) Tableau Development & Enhancements to optimize business uses of Tableau, and 4) Provide Guidance, Insight, and Recommendations to create new Tableau analytical strategies. 
The contractor must provide these specific components:
Perform server upgrades, maintain server settings, software application patches, software user maintenance and enhancement, backup and restore, etc.
Provide end user incident and non-incident support.
Provide User creation, User permissions and provisioning.
Provide mission critical production support of Tableau for all Department end users and were applicable data for select external users and some public uses.
Complete performance tuning and server management of Tableau server environment (clustering, load balancing).
Evaluate and maximize server and data source optimization.
Work with data architects, SMEs and Power Users in setting up environments that meet the needs of users.
Ensure application of enterprise-required security controls for Tableau functionality in collaboration with IT Security and Compliance teams to ensure maximum compliance to Department policy while minimizing security risks and maximizing end user functionality.
Ensure best in class tools are being used for monitoring and performance tuning.
Troubleshoot and optimize Tableau dashboards/workbooks and data refreshes.
Provide change management for Tableau upgrade schedules, releases, and new features.
Collaborate with advanced Tableau users to create and implement Platform governance and standards around data sources, transformations, dashboards, and sharing of best practices to all Department users.
Work with Tableau or other Tableau third-party expertise to implement, modify, or improve the Tableau implementation and Tableau eco-system.
Provide knowledge transfers as deemed appropriate to support Tableau Enterprise sustainability.
Provide services remotely within the US (no off-shore candidates will be considered).

Skills Matrix
Experience working with Tableau Desktop and Server Required 3 Years
Experience as Tableau administrator, developing in, configuring and administering enterprise-level Tableau Server environments Required 3 Years
Expertise in Tableau platform sizing, troubleshooting, tuning & disaster recovery. Required 3 Years
Experience architecting and maintaining stable Tableau solutions guaranteed for high operational availability. Required 3 Years
Strong development skills in Tableau and data analytics and visualizations Required 3 Years
Experience working with TSM, Tabcmd, and Tabadmin Required 3 Years
Experience using Tableau PostgreSQL tables to monitor server statistics to identify possible performance issues/enhancements and potential threats Required 3 Years
Experience working with Tableau Metadata tables. Required 3 Years
Certification in Tableau Desktop and/or Tableau Server Highly desired  
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or related fieldHighly desired 
Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills Highly desired 
Excellent written and verbal communication skills Highly desired 
Experience with change management processes. Highly desired 
Experience with utilizing scripting languages to leverage Tableau APIs (JavaScript, Data Extract API, REST API) Desired 
Experience with SQL, relational databases, and data warehousing Desired 
Experience with other business intelligence tools, such as Power BI, QlikView, or Cognos Desired

Thanks & Regards,

Manoj E

IT Recruiter

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